The black T-shirt is simple and capable, and you can have an arrogance that others can’t match in the moment of your upper body. It is used to match the green floral skirt, and the size of the fresh and lovely sweet style and the urban refreshing commuter style is just right. The T-shirt Customization plays a role in balancing the excessively flamboyant floral skirt, and the floral skirt in turn makes the old-fashioned black T-shirt glow with femininity.

Dark round neck T-shirt + jeans, a simple and advanced combination is self-evident. If you want to wear more highlights, the harmony of accessories is indispensable. If you want your own personality to be more European and American, you can wear a rough gold necklace and a cool watch. Such metallurgical accessories are very textured, but also more attractive.

This black T-shirt is customized with restrained accessories that are opposite to the wild to brighten the whole in a measured way. The silver-white pearl necklaces are layered on top of each other, shining brightly in the T-shirt Design Website . Isn’t it very clever to use it to highlight the soft and elegant heart of the little woman? If you remove these delicate silver-white apertures, imagine how empty and boring the world of black T-shirts is.

For a wise and elegant big woman, using a black T-shirt to create fashion, but also take into account the factors of decent status. This sense of decency is reflected in various aspects, such as: the ingenious fusion of straight lines, the freshness of the combination of complexity and simplicity, the simplicity and power of small accessories, and the graceful and graceful posture of the characters themselves. These “decency” are shown in the picture above The collocation has been interpreted to the extreme.

Use the black T as the inner and outer layer of a tulle vest, which combines purity and sexy. When layering in summer, you need to master the thickness of the two items.

A black mesh blouse is layered over the black T-shirt design, and the light and rhythmic light and familiar style is always sung repeatedly in summer. Because the looming beauty of the top is enough to attract attention, then choose a white satin skirt for the bottom, which is beautiful enough to portray the elegance and charm.

Black T-shirt + floral skirt, quite French literary and artistic girl style, especially the scattered flowers blooming in the skirt like a bright starry sky, so beautiful.

T-shirt Custom Design are different. Colorful color T-shirts are especially popular in summer. Everyone can choose according to their skin color, temperament and preferences. The cat sister recommends Morandi colors, because these colors The saturation and sensitivity are not high, it will not have a particularly big impact on our skin tone, and it will make the whole person look gentle and soft.