If you want to make the clothes you wear unique, then add it to the customization of personalized t-shirts. Isn’t the t-shirt designed purely according to your personal thoughts very loving? Imagine what kind of pictures you can design a personalized t-shirt pattern .

Personalized t-shirt customization mainly uses some Design Your Own Shirt software, such as photoshop, CorelDRAW, etc., photoshop is bitmap design, and CorelDRAW is vector file. In the process of designing a personalized t-shirt pattern, there are still some points to pay attention to.

When customizing personalized t-shirts, try to avoid particularly large color blocks, especially on the chest. Whether you use glue or ink to print large color blocks, it will make the printed position airtight when sweating. T Shirt Printing has three positions: front body, back body and cuffs. Avoid your pattern from the armhole to the shoulder position, because most of the printing in small batches is garment printing. There are patchwork in these positions, which is difficult to print and cannot be printed. it is good.

How about personalized t-shirt customization? Personalized t-shirt pattern display, if you choose screen printing, you must control your color. The more colors, the higher your cost. Find a good balance between your design and cost.

If it is screen printing, avoid using color gradients, because the gradients printed are often very different from those displayed on your screen. After all, printing on fabrics is different from printing on paper.

Before customizing a personalized t-shirt, we also need to choose the fabric of the t-shirt, and the difference in the fabric will also have an impact on the design of the personalized t-shirt pattern. Sometimes, we will find that the inner world is 100,000 miles away from the outer world. Whether post-90s or post-80s, it is possible to have a post-90s heart. Can you be called a “post-90s”? Let the brand custom T-shirt give you an opportunity to explore your true self, break the inherent style, let you shake out your personality, shake out the wonderful, and discover a different self.

If you are a real post-90s generation, then a T-shirt Customization is indispensable to show your post-90s true colors; if you are not a real post-90s generation, you need a personalized T-shirt to express yourself. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Sanjiero brand custom T-shirts believe that whether it is street style, warm man style, high cold style or small fresh, each post-90s generation has its own exclusive style.

Not just to wear for the sake of wearing, but also a channel to express one’s personality. It’s not just whether it looks good or not, whether it’s trendy or not, but whether you dress more and more like yourself and express yourself more and more.

What kind of T-shirt can express the personality of the post-90s generation? It’s better to be your own designer and create individual T-shirts with creative patterns or words. What are you waiting for, this summer, be your own designer and show a different wonderful life with brand custom T-shirts! Customize T-shirts with brands to tell the truest inner world!