What factors need to be considered in the customization of work clothes and Design My Own Shirt What should be paid attention to in custom work clothes? More and more companies have realized the importance of work clothes for the construction of our corporate culture and corporate image, and began to customize work clothes.

For different companies, the role of work clothes is also different. For example, for some people in technical positions, work clothes can help and protect employees at work, while for some white-collar workers in the office, work clothes are mainly for the overall beauty and unity, and to unite employees.

It is also different positions. When we customize work clothes and Cheap T-shirt Printing, we also need to choose styles, fabrics, etc. according to the characteristics of each company’s positions. Next, I will introduce to you six factors that we need to consider when customizing work clothes.

The principle of T-shirt custom work clothes design is first of all clear pertinence: different occupational positions have different needs for work clothes. For example, the work clothes of skilled workers need to be more suitable for work requirements and practicality, while office white-collar workers need to be more practical. Work clothes need to be more aesthetic.

The customization of work clothes must be specially designed or specially selected for one’s own unit. It is difficult for ready-made clothes to have ready-made products that can just meet the requirements of the unit.

Whether to place advertisements when customizing work clothes Design T-shirt Printing can be determined according to the requirements of specific companies. If you are working outside, you can print the company’s advertisement on the work clothes. For example, many employees in the service industry wear clothes with the company’s LOGO and font size printed on them. When they walk on the road and see people wearing the same clothes, I think everyone will still be subconscious. Check it out a few more times, this will not only attract people’s attention, but also make a free advertisement.

Customized work clothes printing are for work wear. Whether you choose work clothes (suits, shirts) or uniforms, you must ensure that they do not interfere with work when you wear them, which is not fully considered for all ready-to-wear.

Except for a few expensive customized work clothes, such as specific ceremonial clothes and special clothes, most of them require a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is, compared with the grade of fabrics selected for design, the complexity of styles, and the difficulty of craftsmanship.

Under the premise of the same beauty and function, the design of work clothes should reduce the cost as much as possible, and focus on the details of style, material, and the structure of difficult and easy clothes to make.

The company with the largest purchase volume is also an average of four sets per employee per year, and one set of clothes must be worn every day, and it is required to be worn for a year, and the clothes are required to be very durable. Therefore, custom work clothes should pay special attention to durability in the material and process of clothing, and custom work clothes should also consider abnormal wearing conditions, which are generally not considered in the production of ready-made clothes.

The beauty of custom work clothes is determined by the commonality of the spirituality of the clothes. Work clothes are made for the convenience of work, but they also need to be considered in terms of appearance. After all, they are the clothes that employees need to wear when they work. If they look good, they can also increase the enthusiasm of employees for work.