How much does a custom t-shirt cost? In fact, we can see a lot of T-shirt customization in our lives. Maybe you see a good Custom Tee Shirts on the street, which is designed and customized by others.

However, generally speaking, groups choose to customize short-sleeved T-shirts more, because group clothing needs to show the personality of the group, and choosing short-sleeved T-shirts to customize is the most cost-effective. So how much does a custom short-sleeved T-shirt cost? How much does a custom t-shirt cost? Next, the editor of Yasenman will introduce it to you.

Manufacturers usually provide a lot of existing styles. Customers can provide customized T-shirt pattern design and select printing process according to their own preferences. The calculation of the customized price of short-sleeved T-shirts in this way is relatively simple, and can be added according to the uniform price of the supplier. The printing fee is sufficient, and the Custom T-shirts does not include the printing fee.

Depending on the quantity and the difference in fabrics, the price may range from about 10 yuan to tens of hundreds of yuan. Of course, the larger the quantity, the more likely it is to get the best price.

How to calculate the customized price of short-sleeved T-shirts? Another kind of Best T-shirt Design customization is that the customer completely chooses the fabric and bottom shirt of the clothes, as well as the clothing pattern and printing process. In this case, the cost needs to be calculated according to the customized quantity, style and other requirements Yes, even the material is the same, the price of such customization will be much higher compared to stock.

How to judge the quality of Personalized T-shirts? There are many T-shirts on the market, and there are many raw materials to choose from when customizing short-sleeved T-shirts. How to judge the quality of short-sleeved T-shirts? of.

Other fabrics with fancy names are generally chemical fiber blends, which are not breathable and have no affinity. The thickness and tightness of the fabric determines the quality of the t-shirt. Some T-shirts with thin and loose fabrics are very low-end at first glance. For example, some people who do group-purchasing class uniforms choose the material although it is pure cotton, but it is very thin and rough.

The sewing process of custom T-shirts should be neat, good T-shirts are generally clean, the stitching density is appropriate and neat, and the thread ends are also cut cleanly, without fading or shrinking.