Summer is here and you don’t have the right T-shirt in your wardrobe yet? When buying T-shirts, we will find a problem. Whether it is in physical stores or online, the price of T-shirts varies greatly. There are still nine yuan and nine free shipping T-shirts Design. T-shirts are often hundreds of thousands, so why is the price difference of T-shirts so big?

In addition to the added value of the brand itself, there will be differences in the fabric, version, printing process, and production process of Custom T-shirt, which are also factors that lead to different prices and quality of T-shirts. So how do we judge the quality of T-shirts? What are the requirements for a good T-shirt?

The count of T-shirt Screen Printing custom fabrics represents the thickness of the yarn. The higher the count, the softer and finer the fabric will be, and the lower the corresponding count, the harder the fabric. The gram weight represents the thickness of the fabric. Of course, particularly thin fabrics are unqualified, but too thick ones are not suitable for summer wear. Therefore, moderate thickness is a good T-shirt.

Good quality T-shirts Design also need to look at the reinforcement of the neckline. The reinforced neckline can greatly prolong the life of the T-shirt, and the reinforced collar can well solve the shortcomings of the neckline of pure cotton T-shirts that are easily deformed.

Therefore, we can observe the reinforcement of the neckline of the T-shirt when choosing the custom pattern of the T-shirt. If it is a thick thread, the quality must be guaranteed. If the merchant does not release a detailed picture of the neckline, the quality of the T-shirt is worth careful consideration.

After we buy the T-shirt back, we can wash it first to see if there is obvious shrinkage and deformation. Although the pure cotton T-shirt will shrink and deform more easily, the T-shirt of good quality will be pre-shrunk. Therefore, if it is a relatively obvious shrinkage, it must be of unqualified quality.