With the changes of the times and the rapid development of fashion, the Custom T-shirt has also undergone some new changes in the version, among which the changes in the collar and hem are particularly obvious.

For example, the collar on the blogger’s body is bordered and uses a straight-cut V-neck T-shirt. The open and closed collar shows off the collarbone. It is exquisite and elegant, especially suitable for 35+ sisters to choose.

T-shirt Design Personalized

Young ladies and sisters can choose these ways of dressing. If you choose a normal V-neck Custom T-shirt Design, it is recommended that you find your own style in dressing.

You can choose to wear it with a knot and show your belly, or you can choose to wear it with all the corners of the shirt. You can even choose to wear a waist belt or a suspender.

T-shirt Design Personalized

In addition, you can also use the different styles of T-shirt Design to create your own style. You can choose to use the collar to scrape the sunglasses to make the round neck T-shirt look like a V-neck T-shirt, which is cool and hip-hop.

You can also choose a hollowed-out T-shirt at the collar. The isosceles and inverted triangle style design adds to the overall light and sexy charm. The looming collarbone and ribs fully prove the magic of hidden beauty.

T-shirt Design Personalized

Let’s talk about bottoms that are suitable for matching with V-neck T-shirts! If the weather is not too hot where you are, you can choose a three-quarter sleeve V-neck T-shirt with overalls, otherwise, you can use a V-neck camisole instead of a regular T-shirt Design Personalized.

Choosing the overalls to match it is the pants type that can best prove the fashion sense of the V-neck T-shirt. Using a small area of ​​stacking not only shows the versatility of the T-shirt but also increases the overall sense of hierarchy. The key is to ensure the temperature is suitable. , very practical.

T-shirt Design Personalized

If a V-neck T-shirt with overalls is for girls with a small belly or a bucket waist, then a V-neck T-shirt with a high-waisted skirt is for girls with flawed legs.

In the selection of V-neck T-shirts, you can choose a regular slim fit or a new style that shows navels. In the selection of skirts, it is recommended to include ankle-length skirts and side slit long skirts. Alternative list.