Reasons for T-shirt customization: I am used to seeing several brand T-shirts with high appearance rate. I always feel that either the color and style are not eye-catching enough, the design is not to my liking, or it has been popular for a long time and can be seen everywhere on the street.

Can’t you just buy a Custom T-shirt Design that’s different and totally in line with your heart? When I was at a loss, the idea of ​​”customization” seemed to suddenly wake me up: Can T-shirts also be customized?

Well-fitting clothes + favorite patterns are not the same as your favorite clothes! We did what we said, after carefully searching and comparing the styles of many stores in a certain treasure, and the custom printing process of T-shirts, we finally selected our company.

This year, American heavy weight T seems to be particularly popular. I have bought a few before, but I have a medium stature, and the style with wide and dropped shoulders is not very suitable for me. The alternative stores seem to have regular styles for shirts. , the style is relatively simple, and it is not like the cultural shirts sold by the street stalls. It looks low, which is quite attractive to me.

Then look at the customized fabric of the Design Personalized T-shirts, the workmanship, the 50-count pure cotton, the two-wheeled wiring, and the feeling is all right. After chatting with the pre-sales, we communicated some customized requirements and prices, and finally sent the selected pictures, and we can wait for the receipt of the goods.

Unpacking experience: The packaging is custom-rolled T-shirts with thick envelope paper, and then tied with paper ropes, simple and delicate. Open the package, the style is basically the same as the store’s advertisement picture, the clothes are held in the hand, the 50-count pure cotton feels delicate and smooth, and it is very comfortable to touch.

I deliberately compared another T-shirt of a certain custom brand (also brand new and unwashed, with a similar price). Looking at the window, the shirt is almost opaque, while the other one can see light spots. . In terms of details, the double car line, the wiring is relatively uniform and neat, the pattern printing is still exquisite, and the color is relatively accurate. It should not be the kind of process that can be washed away. The overall impression is 85 points.