Custom T-shirts revolve around four elements, the pattern is the core, the standard is “good-looking”, the product is the focus, and the standard is “comfortable”. The T-shirt Printing is good-looking and comfortable, what else do you need a bike for? As for price and quality, unless you speak with the conscience of the producer. Since it is a custom T-shirt, custom craftsmanship is the top priority.

Pattern attributes are generally divided into professional and amateur. No matter how powerful your mobile phone screen is, it is not worth the understatement of the designer’s hand-painted pen, not to mention the various brushes and filters under AI and PS software, as well as on the plane software. A series of high-quality modeling and rendering tools.

The custom T-shirt brand design department will create themed patterns according to the brand tonality and the current season, and the supply chain department will carry out fabric selection and style development, and simultaneously conduct fabric testing and printing proofing.

T-shirts are developed around big brands. Co-branded models are the best way to capture young consumers. Tom and Jerry, Shuke and Beta, Mickey and Minnie, along with their friends, have occupied major brands. counter. The visual labels of these Custom Made T-shirt patterns have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, no matter what brand or craft, buy it!

In fact, the art sector, which occupies a large share in the pattern category, has never been able to exert its added value. From the Mona Lisa and similar line paintings produced by offwhite, it can be seen that it is embarrassing to wear elegant art.

So whether it is Impressionist Fauvism, Bada Shanren or Qingming Shanghe Tu, there are very few T-shirt designs, but in all fairness, the quality of these works of art is unquestionable, it just needs a specific sales atmosphere.

Leaving aside the professional field, personal customized T-shirts are basically couple series and parent-child series, and the risk is that the impulsive consumption of couple attributes requires a careful other half to customize, and the creative ability of this other half determines the quality of the work. . In the same way, the level of children’s graffiti works determines whether this T-shirt will be born.

After all, the creators are not necessarily the payers, and the payers are the target group for custom T-shirts. With the development of various creations and Meitu apps in mobile phones, the quality of customized T-shirts will be higher and higher.