In fact, many people have certain misunderstandings about personalized T-shirts or custom-made T-shirts. A large number of customizers think that custom-made T-shirts are like printing their own photos on T-shirts.

In the early days, Clothing Printing were indeed like this, but if you still think that Laitu customization is a very simple T-shirt that directly prints photos, it is a big misunderstanding of Mi’s personal Laitu customization.

There is a certain misunderstanding. A large number of customizers think that customizing T-shirts with pictures is like printing your own photos on the Polo Shirt Design. It is customizing with pictures. In the early days, personalized T-shirts were indeed like this, but if they are now You thought that Laitu customization is a very simple T-shirt with photos printed directly, that is Mi’s big misunderstanding of personalized Laitu customization.

In fact, personalized T-shirts can also be understood as DIY T-shirts. The DIY T-shirts mentioned here are not the patterns that everyone understands. They are called DIY T-shirts. In fact, DIY T-shirts mean choosing a pattern according to your own ideas or personality. Or design an interesting pattern that you like.

Then send the design draft of the pattern to the manufacturer of the custom T-shirt, and choose a T-shirt made by a suitable printing process, which is called a personalized diy T-shirt. Contributed, you contributed your own design draft, so it is a way of buying personalized T-shirts that is different from buying Design T-shirts directly.

And the value of the pattern on the T-shirt is much higher than that of a T-shirt bottom shirt, because without your design draft, then this T-shirt bottom shirt is a meaningless blank bottom shirt, and your pattern design is to give it At the same time, excellent pattern design also requires a high-quality bottom shirt to fully demonstrate its value.